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SalvationDATA upgrade plan for the second half year of 2010 
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Post SalvationDATA upgrade plan for the second half year of 2010
It has been over 10 years since SalvationDATA entered data recovery field! SalvationDATA has insisted in creating new data recovery tools and solutions and at the same time, the upgrade process for the data recovery tools and solutions have never stopped to meet the increasing demand of customers and market. This is why SalvationDATA can become the world's leading supplier of data recovery tools and solutions.

The following is our upgrade plan of the second half of 2010:

1, Add new series of Hitachi hard drives to support list of HD Doctor for Hitachi/IBM;
2, Upgrade HD Doctor for Seagate to support firmware R/W of Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 and 12 and at the same time support the Firmware read/backup under 'F' level of Seagate drives(Tested by our R&D dept., to be released soon);
3, Data Compass Imaging function upgrade with a new algorism
4, Data Compass WD head firmware loading, bypassing head damage and access to SA area and visually recover data(Already included in DC2011)
5, Data Compass image by selective heads for Toshiba and Fujitsu including the 32bit selective head image for Fujitsu drives. (Already included in DC2011)
6, Hitachi firmware Emulation bypassing firmware corruption upgraded to be automatically detected to match the firmware resource and patient drives'. (Already included in DC2011)
7, Upgrade of other HD Doctors
8, Data only area imaging and wiping of Data Copy King
9, Strengthen the ability to image faulty drives with a lot of bad sectors and unstable heads
10, Other upgrade of Data Copy King
11, Flash doctor upgraded to repair directory, repair directory and files, optimize the algorism and improve the data recovery success rate (Technique Whitepaper is soon to be available in our forum)
12, SalvationDATA support including forum, email, manuals, remote assistance and other services will also be on a higher level of customer satisfaction.

We have seen some of SD users from different countries begin to realize the importance of cooperation and combination in data recovery business, they join together and set up their own community and they are indeed helping each other, sharing their own experience and data recovery tips and resources to maximize their data recovery success rate. At the same time, SalvationDATA accelerates the process of forum improvement, tools upgrade and support improvement. We trust these efforts from both customers and SalvationDATA will finally lead all of us to a great success in data recovery field. Here, we want to show our great appreciation to all SD customers.


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